Always on the crest of the wave!

Feel the thrill of being carried away by the wind, jump among the waves, hover and fly! … These are the emotions you will feel on a board pulled by a kite. Kitesurfing is an extreme variant of windsurfing, but sail is not on the board, it is a kite. Born as a surf variant, it is an extreme sport and is characterized by the practicality of the equipment. In less than four hours you can learn the basics and learn to glide on the water. The coast of Mazara has become the ideal place for the kiters from all over the world who love chasing the wind.

Thanks to the convection with the A.S.D. Reef you can experience the thrill of Kitesurfing, but also Windsurfing, and SUP.

For those who wish at the A.S.D. Reef you can take private lessons and rent the necessary equipment.

Are you already a kiter or are you going to learn at the Zahira Resort?